The Quicksilver Archtop Guitar comes stock with premium electronics, premium hardware, premium fingerboard woods, premium workmanship & A Total commitment to sound & playability.
You have a choice of set neck or bolt in neck at no extra charge. It will easily stand up to any guitar on the market anywhere to within 3 times it's price. Naturally you can spend a lot of money & load it up with cosmetic options just like the one in the picture.


Rare Floyd Rose Model
Our goal is to build you the ultimate custom guitar and keep the price in the realm of a production guitar

The Quicksilver like most of Ed Roman's private brands starts out as a basic model. This model incorporates the primary needs of the professional player. There are no sacrifices anywhere on the tonal capabilities, awesome playability and general cosmetics. Instead of offering 140 different models, each with varying options, Ed Roman chooses to let the customer design, and/or select the exact options that they want !!!!

The Basic Model is available with one or two premium Seymour Duncan pickups, choices are humbucking or soapbar style, there is no additional pricing. The customer can choose between a glued in set neck or a bolt in neck. There are no additional fees for either.
All the hardware & electronics are the finest available, There are absolutely no compromises for quality on Quicksilver Guitars. Even on the most basic model all hardware is Schaller, Tone Pros, Sperzel, Grover, & Ultratone.
The double octave necks are all hard rock quartersawn maple! The finest Bolivian or Madagascar Rosewoods are offered at no extra cost. Frets are of the highest quality nickel silver !!!
Body woods on the basic models are the finest Mahoganies, Alder, or Basswood. They all come with hand rubbed satin finishes to enhance the tonal capabilities of the wood.
Ed Roman's famous direct coupling system is included wherever possible, Pickups are always solid mounted, neck fastening screws are machine screws with inserts in the neck. Ed Roman never uses wood screws to attach a neck like virtually every other company in the business.
Players have a choice of speed knobs or knurled barrel knobs,  All cavities are recessed, all cavities are shielded with painted on Electro Dag & copper shielding.
Polytrinite oil impregnated graphite nuts are standard. Customers can request bone, Tusq, roller nuts etc. Like many other small finish items Ed Roman never uses plastic inlays or plastic truss rod covers just real mother of pearl. There are no cheap decals or plastic overlays on Quicksilver Guitars, Ed Roman only uses thick headstock wood overlays and real inlaid MOP or Abalone.  Quicksilver Guitars is officially 11 years old and there has never been a broken neck or headstock that we know of.
The tone controls on all Ed Roman Guitars are extremely active and a basic model Quicksilver will sustain as long as one that costs 3 times as much!!! The overtones generated by the highly resonant woods will rival any guitar on the market at any price.  We are working on a video to demonstrate the incredible almost unbelievable sustain capabilities of the Quicksilver.


Extra Cost Cosmetic & Convenience Options
Quicksilvers offer more options than any other guitar on the market that we are aware of !!
Many of these options are totally unnecessary, some can be very important to your particular sound !!

1, Multi Lam Neck. The more times you laminate wood together the stronger the neck is. This is a proven fact. most guitar companies FG&P use a one piece neck. There has never been a broken Quicksilver neck to our knowledge so this option is not really necessary. We use a volute behind the headstock and a thick slab of rosewood or ebony on our headstocks so they simply do not break. However there are competitors out there that use the Multi Lam Neck as a major selling point and a way to artificially bring the price up higher. So we offer this and at a much better price than our competitors.  We have done 2 piece 3 piece 5 piece and 7 piece necks.

2, Custom Neck Work. All Quicksilver necks incorporate our frictionless 1500G ultra smooth, ultra fast finishing process. Sometimes however a customer may need a special radius or a special nut width. We have had customers ask for a neck exactly like a Paul Gilbert neck or a San Dimas Charvel. These are of course available as an option. In fact we will do just about whatever the customer wants for a nominal fee.

3, Fingerboard Woods: Our standard Quicksilver comes with several choices of premium rosewood standard. Bolivian & Madagascar Rosewood is used when Rosewood is called for. We never use the usual dried out grainy Indian Rosewood that many of our competitors use.
Ed Roman offers some of the finest Ebonies, Ironwoods, Cocobolo, Koa, Purple Heart, Pink Ivory, Kingwood, Snakewood, & assortment of exotic Brazilian & African Rosewoods that you will rarely find available on the cookie cutter guitars your local music mega store sells.

4, Exotic Neck Woods: Maple is of course excellent for use on electric guitar necks. It's strong, it sounds good and it's very stable. If you have spent any time reading guitar manufacturers spec sheets you will notice that many of them use only maple. Occasionally some companies may get adventurous and offer possibly one other type of wood. Quicksilvers necks have been built using over 25 different types of material, We offer 3 or 4 different types of Rosewood, Macassar Striped Ebony, Solid Koa, Mahogany, Mesquite,  Korina, Walnut, Wenge, Purple Heart, Paduak, There have been  strandular graphite necks, Combination Wood & Graphite Necks, We are open to almost anything as long as it has a straight grain and the customer wants it.

5, Frets: Quicksilver guitars currently come standard with nickel silver premium frets in 5 different sizes as a standard no cost option. Recently we started using  what we call Gold Adamantium frets, we consider these to be the best frets  we have seen. A blend of titanium, gold & several other secret ingredients these frets are not only long lasting, they look great especially on painted necks or with other gold hardware. They feel and last longer just like the stainless steel frets but they sound much better!!!

6. Neck Thru Body: Quicksilver guitars offer bolt in neck, or set neck construction, at no extra charge. There are many players today that prefer the neck thru body or deep set neck construction. So in keeping with our commitment to offer any and all options, Ed Roman now offers the Quicksilver body shape and distinctive headstock design on Abstract & Centurion Guitars. These guitars are technically not Quicksilver's however they might as well be.
There are different types of neck construction. Ed Roman believes there are pros & cons with each one of them. In the process of designing your guitar we can discuss these pros & cons until you decide which one is the most suitable for you. (Part of Ed Roman's design service)

7. Headstock Design: Quicksilver offers several different headstock designs at no charge. You may however want a custom headstock this can be an expensive or inexpensive option depending on many factors. Your salesperson will explain if you are interested.

8. Headstock Overlays: Quicksilver comes with a thick headstock overlay which totally prevents broken headstocks. You can specify numerous finishes, personalization's, exotic woods & inlays for a nominal charge.

9. Locking Tuners & High Gear Ratios: Quicksilver guitars are available with any brand of locking tuner, custom tuning pins, 40 to 1 gearless tuners, auto trim tuners, banjo style tuners. The additional cost will be appropriate.

10. Hardware Color: There are numerous finishes available at extra cost, shiny gold, satin gold, gold anodized, there are multi color anodizations available, blue, green, red, purple, red  etc, matte black, Cosmo black, gloss black, chrome etc etc. The price list reflects gold or black, but anything that you are willing to pay for, we are willing to procure for your guitar. You can order a black tremolo with gold saddles, black tuners with gold tuning pins.  Only a true custom shop can offer these cosmetic options.

11. Exotic & Beautiful Woods. This is where the rubber meets the road. Absolutely no one else offers the selection of gorgeous exotic tonewoods that Ed Roman has. Compare our selection to anyone. We have a wider selection than most dealers of exotic woods. Sometimes this wood can be absolutely free in the case of a piece of lightly figured wood. Sometimes you can get away with just a laminate charge.
Listed in order of popularity
Quilted Maple, Flame Maple, Spalted Maple, Korina, Mahogany, Koa, Burlwood, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Redwood, Macassar Ebony, Bocote, Myrtle, Tasmanian Blackwood, Sapele, Brazilian Rosewood, Birdseye Maple, Goncalva Alves, Che Chin, Buckeye Burl, Sycamore, Schedua, Cherrywood, Zebrawood, Swamp Ash, Palisander, Cohagerie, Lacewood, Spruce, Pink Ivory,
This is usually the subject of several hours of conversation between the salesperson & the player. Costs here go from the ridiculous to the sublime.
We price every piece of wood differently based on what we pay for it. If the final product does not meet with our expectations the players cost is greatly reduced.
Sometimes we can buy certain types of highly figured wood for exceptionally good prices. Ask about what the wood of the month is. You will be able to save quite a bit if you get on board with our current inventory.

12, Laminate Charge: This is basically a labor charge for gluing up custom woods, it does not always apply.

13, Paint Grade Woods: These are woods that have an ugly knot or an occlusion or something that makes it undesirable as a cosmetic upgrade. These woods are sold at greatly reduced prices and in some cases do not cost anything. Like all the wood we sell each piece is judged separately.

14, Tremolo Bridges: Archtop guitars like the Quicksilver were never intended to be built with tremolo systems. Tremolos work better on the very obscure flat topped Quicksilver model. However we have figured out ways to make approximately seven of the worlds most popular tremolos work on a normal  Quicksilver. Tremolos always cost extra but the pricing is appropriate and very competitive compared to the cookie cutter guitars at your local superstore.

15, Bridges: Quicksilvers come standard with tone/pros tune a matic bridges. We feel that the standard bridge is one of the better bridges available in the world today. However we will install any bridge or tailpiece you desire. We have the original Hamer sustainer bridge, Hipshot, Babicz Direct Contact, ABM, Schaller, even Fender & PRS, You can specify a fine tune bridge or any bridge that you like. Our goal is to build you the ultimate custom guitar and keep the price in the realm of a production guitar

Quicksilver with an average lower cost flame top


16, Paint & Finishes. Quicksilver does not limit you to any color or type of paint, for additional costs we can do absolutely any color you can come up with. We will do Pearls, Metallics, Crackles, Metal Flakes, Enhanced Staining. Scraped Binding, Opaques, Translucents, Portraits, Graphics, Cartoons, Photo's Superheroes', to Anime, Nitrocellulose, Polyurethanes, Acrylic Lacquer, French Polishes, etc etc It's Only Money

Note from Ed Roman
Some of the smaller boutique companies use a little known technique for achieving a 3 dimensional quality to their finishes. They spray a thick application of clear polyester then they spray a thin coat of color and top it off with 10 or more coats of clear. I left a couple of important steps out of this equation because I don't want to be responsible for creating any more of these guitars than already exist.
These companies sell their guitars to a group of uninformed people who have more money than brains. They are impressed by the beauty but don't realize that a super thick finish like that will absolutely kill the resonant qualities of the guitar. The best finishes are the thin finishes !!!!
Imagine a Stradivari Violin with a glossy finish, Ouch !!!!
Nitrocellulose appeals to another crowd of people mostly for the wrong reasons. Nitrocellulose is truly a thin finish but it is susceptible to horrible discoloration, cracking, checking and rubbing off. It does have quite a few benefits on Acoustics & Jazz guitars but it is rarely apropos on a highly figured beautiful piece of wood. We of course will do it at the customers request.

17, 80X20 Comp Finish TM:  In 2008 we introduced this, our newest innovation in guitar finishes. At this writing we have never seen it offered by any other company. Like most of our innovations there are sure to be many followers.
This is simply a beautiful glossy finish on the front of the guitar and an unfinished back neck & sides. Thus a compromise between beauty & tonality. This also allows the 1500G neck mod on set neck or neck thru body guitars. We are sure it will become very popular because it will look awesome from the front and the unfinished backs & sides will allow for the resonance to come blazing through.

18, On Board Electronics & Pickups & Preamps: There is no limit to the custom electronics available on most Ed Roman guitars The Quicksilver is no exception. The basic system is fully adequate but for those who want an over the top package, read on !!!  Any brand or choice of pickup, EMG, Duncan, Barden, Tom Holmes, Jason Lollar, Lindy Fralin, Rickenbacker, Mosrite, Lace, PRS, Gibson, Fender etc etc. Custom Hand Wound Pickups, Any type of switching, custom knob placement, On Board Midi, On Board Piezo System, 18 volt preamps, dTar system, rotating pickups, on board parametric equalizers, stutter switch, built in tuners, built in electronics, Stereo output.

19, Inlays: More than 100 different inlay patterns have been done to date. Prices have been reduced greatly in the past 3 years on these options.

20, Special FX: Quicksilver has installed lasers, fingerboard marker lights, neck cameras, finger cameras, rocket launchers, built in deployable pistol (Ted Nugent), stutter switches, radio controlled flash-pot detonators, rotating prisms, mirrored tops, diamond plate tops, recessed decorative aluminum tops. Guitar Spin Unit, Magnetic cavity covers.

21, Special Guitars: Quicksilvers can be ordered as doublenecks, 7 strings, baritones, custom scales, 12 string

22 Custom Scales: We have just introduced a 12 string version in a piccolo scale 18 1/2 inch commissioned for a superstar guitar player we will reveal his name when the guitar is delivered.

23 Custom Body Styles :  We are introducing several new body styles and we have offered

24 Much More: This was written in one evening and we are sure that we will be adding to it. We are open to new ideas and new creation

 The Quicksilver needs to be seen & played to be fully appreciated.
 This guitar is a serious contender for the "Best Value" award 

"Trent Salter Premier Guitar Magazine"

The Quicksilver offers tone, beauty, options, unique features, rock solid construction and quality parts that guitar players have not only come to appreciate, but expect. In the current boutique pool of guitar choices, one has to weigh every feature and benefit and of course the investment. With a starting price of $1,595.00 and so many options available you can literally build a custom shop guitar at the price of a mass produced model.
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