Building A Better Guitar
By Ed Roman

When I decided to build the Quicksilver guitars back in 1995, I knew that to succeed I was going to have to surpass any competitors with Better Fit & Finish, Better Tone, & Better Playability than the current leader of the pack. That's why It took me 4 years to build the first prototype. 
I consulted every luthier I knew, I read everything I could get my hands on and I played every single guitar that I could find. I made notes of all the best ideas and all the worst ideas, It took me a long time before I had the confidence to actually construct the first Quicksilver.

I had to use better wood, better pickups, better hardware, I had to make tighter neck joints, get a higher reach, get even closer tolerances, offer more options and do better setups, and because I was the new kid on the block I had to do it for less money .
Wood is one of the largest determining factors of a guitar's sound and longevity. Specific woods used to build guitars, acoustic and electric, are called Tone woods. Tone woods have resonant properties that other woods do not. For example, oak is a beautiful and strong wood, but it has no resonant properties, which would not be best for guitar building.
The Quicksilver Incorporates New Innovations That No Other Guitar Companies Have Copied Yet.
01,  Direct Coupling Of The Neck, Bridge & Pickups.
02,  Hard Bolting One Pickup Into The Neck & The Other Into The Body.
03,  The 2008 18 Volt, Preamp Circuitry Which Took 3 Years To Develop In Itself.
04,  The Neo Dymium Pickups Custom Built For The Quicksilver.
05,  Macassar Ebony Neck Option
06,  Four Separate Ways To Mount The Neck

    A  Bolt In
    B  Set Neck 
    C  Neck Through Body
    D  Doweled Deep Set Neck Tenon.

07,  Quicksilver Offers Over 45 Different Rare & Exotic Woods For Building The Necks & Bodies.
08,  Quicksilver Offers Numerous Choices For Bridges, Tremolos, Pickups & Tuners.
09,  Quicksilver Offers over 100 Different Choices For Neck Inlays.
10,  Exclusive Direct Coupling Machine Screws With Brass Inserts For Super Stable Neck Mounting.
11,  Built In Wireless System
12,  Built In Tuning System



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