Jeff Wilkie... Artist Extraordinaire

Hand Painted Original Artwork By Artist Jeff Wilkie
Wilkie Quicksilver Guitar 2006

This Quicksilver guitar is hand painted and signed by world renowned Hawaiian artist Jeffrey Michael Wilkie. His signed lithographs have sold for as much as $12,000. This beautiful piece of artwork is sure to grow in value.
Currently Jeff is working on another Quicksilver. This will be one of his famous beach scenes. #3 will be an outer space fantasy nebula pictorial.

Many famous artists frequently run a limited number of signed lithographs which is created from the original artwork. The original artwork can sometimes take months to paint and is usually priceless. Jeff Wilkie's medium size lithographs regularly sell for $4,000.00 and his larger ones have sold for as much as $12,000.00. When painted on an Archtop guitar like the Quicksilver it is impossible to use a lithograph. The complexity of the compound carving makes it impossible to use a print and clear over it like many companies do. Be assured each Quicksilver is hand painted by Jeff Wilkie and no two will be alike. Just as the Quicksilver guitars are hand built in Ed Roman's custom shop. No two will be alike. (There can be only one)

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