Ted Nugent Quicksilver   "All I need now is a gun with a guitar in it"

Ted Nugent designated a plain Spruce Top.   He wanted a Korina Wood Back and a Macassar Ebony Neck.   He wanted an ebony fretboard with a 25" Scale & 24 Nickel Silver Frets.
The magnetic wooden quick remove panel houses a 32 Caliber Derringer for quick removal & rapid deployment.

When we got the specifications for Ted's guitar we were a little bit surprised. Ted said he "wanted the body built from Korina with a solid Spruce top."

The sample Quicksilver he had tried had a solid macassar ebony neck, Ted really seemed to like that so we went with it. I had expected him to order that weird Byrdland scale but he went for a 25" scale which is my personal favorite.

Ted didn't specify the built in 32 Caliber counterweight but if you look at the picture below you will notice a devilish smile and a red glint in his eye. I didn't do the red eye reduction for this photo because Ted as smiling an evil smile.

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